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911 Emergency Dispatcher Lapel Pin Tie Tac

911 Emergency Dispatcher Lapel Pin Tie Tac

$9.95 $7.95
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The 911 Emergency Dispatcher Lapel Pin Tie Tic is a great way for collectors, 911 Emergency Dispatchers, or the family and friends of 911 Emergency Dispatchers to wear and display a representation of how important the Emergency Dispatcher’s job is.

In 1968 the 9-1-1 emergency number was implemented to give Americans a fast and easy way to report all emergency situations with one centralized number. As the years have progressed, 911 has become more available and used across our nation. Every day across our country, the 911 Emergency Dispatchers field calls helping give citizens lifesaving directions in the time of crisis and sending help specific to each situation.

Features Include:

  • Stamped in copper with Gold plating
  • Single post back
  • Butterfly clasp to hold it securely
  • 1"