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999 UK Emergency Dispatcher Lapel Pin

999 UK Emergency Dispatcher Lapel Pin

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For collector’s and emergency service workers there is not a better way to represent saving lives than the 999 UK Emergency Dispatcher Lapel Pin. The world’s first emergency call to a unified emergency number came through the 999 system in London in 1936. A system to connect quickly and efficiently to all of the emergency services was suggested in 1935 after lives were needlessly lost. Today 999 is used alongside 112 as the official emergency number for the UK, Ireland, and is used in a plethora of other countries across the world.

The UK Emergency Dispatcher Lapel Pin is full of amazing features, including:

  • Durable stamped copper with gold plating
  • A 1” diameter
  • A single post back
  • A secure hold with a butterfly clasp