911 Dispatcher Challenge Coin

911 Dispatcher Challenge Coin

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This high quality 911 Dispatcher Challenge Coin will look great on your coin rack or carry as a reminder of the dedication and commitment of all 911 Dispatchers. 

This coin is plated with antique silver plating.  The front side of this stunning coin has a 3D Gold 911 Dispatcher lettering with the American Flag in the background .  The coin is divided into thirds signifying Police, Firefighters and EMS units are summoned by 911 Dispatchers. 

The back side has a communications tower and a headset with the slogan Always Heard - Never Seen.  

  • Die Struck with antique silver finish
  • 3D image 911 dispatcher in gold on front
  • Back side has a broadcast tower and headphones
  • Comes in a soft plastic pouch
  • 1.75" in diameter