Thin Blue Line Police Uniform Citation Bar Lapel Pin

Thin Blue Line Police Uniform Citation Bar Lapel Pin

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The Thin Blue Line is symbolic of the line between order and chaos. Police work in this area every day. Some didn’t make it home from their shift. This Thin Blue Line citation bar gives honor to those who have given all. You’ll be proud to wear it on your bar rack as a reminder of the sacrifices our law enforcement officers make every day.   It was carefully designed and crafted to be of the highest quality.  The picture does not do this piece justice.  Made of imitation hard enamel means it is smooth and polished.  It doesn't look like a third grader painted it on craft day at school like some others do.  This citation bar, also known as a merit bar, award bar or commendation bar, has evenly centered and spaced posts to fit perfectly on your leather citation bar holder. (leather holders are available in my store) It has double post backs and locking flathead clasps so you won't be losing this high quality piece. It just might be the best looking bar you've seen anywhere!!  Get one for yourself and all of your fellow Officers.


  • Imitation Hard Enamel
  • Double Post Back
  • Locking Flathead Clasps
  • 1 7/8 X 3/8