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DoD Defense Department Military Retractable Security ID Holder Reel

DoD Defense Department Military Retractable Security ID Holder Reel

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Do you work for Department of Defense? Do you have to wear a security ID while you work?

Don't wear the same old drab Security ID holder everyone else is wearing.

This retractable ID holder makes a great compliment to your daily wear!!
This retractable ID holder is hand made and bears the emblem of the Department of Defense.
This item is not part of any official government ID or official uniform. It conveys no authority whatsoever and is to be used for collectible purposes only.


  • High quality emblem
  • Hand made and unique design
  • Reel made of Metal with Strong Nylon Chord
  • Approx 1 1/4" Diameter
  • 34" cord allows for comfortable scanning or swiping of your ID
  • Instantly returns to secure position after release
  • Internal mechanism contains a high quality spring
  • Steel clip on the back secures it to your belt, clothing, or lanyard
  • Fits perfectly on shoulder epaulets
  • Clear plastic card holder with a snap closure
  • Can be used to hold your ID badge, key card, key chain, key ring, security card, employee or military ID, scissors, computer flash memory, and other small tools and personal items