Perfect Fit 2 Inch Nylon Web Outer Duty Belt

Perfect Fit 2 Inch Nylon Web Outer Duty Belt


The Perfect Fit nylon web duty belt is part of the Perfect Fit Smart Gear system.  It has on outer layer of extra strength nylon webbing backed with polymer and attached to a loop material that connects firmly to the nylon welting. This superior construction, provides a comfortable fit.  The belt is strong enough to hold all of your gear yet light weight enough to be comfortable during those long shifts.  The three point release provides added security and prevents accidental opening. The inner side is made of hook and loop material so it will fasten securely to your nylon inner belt.  

Made in USA
Extra strong nylon construction
Nylon hook and loop material fastens securely to inner belt
Grab resistant polymer buckle has 3 point release for added security
Buckle design prevents accidental opening
Width 2"