000 Australia Emergency Dispatcher Lapel Pin

000 Australia Emergency Dispatcher Lapel Pin

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The Australia Emergency Dispatcher Lapel Pin is the perfect addition to any collection. Collectors and emergency service personnel will appreciate this new copper stamped and gold plated emergency 000 lapel pin. This pin represents Australia’s implementation of the Triple Zero (000) dialing system to reach fire, ambulance and police with one number in emergency situations. Introduced to major population centers in 1961, the use of the Triple Zero eventually extended use throughout the National Australian network in the 1980s. The Triple Zero’s use as a centralized emergency services number was chosen for user friendliness considering easy dial with finger placement in the dark and during emergencies, and also the Triple Zero worked well after excluding other number combinations that posed number plan issues.

The Australia Emergency Dispatcher Pin is:

  • 1”
  • Has a single post back
  • Is held securely with a butterfly clasp
  • Stamped in copper with gold plating