Canada Customs CBSA Badge Retractable ID Holder Reel

Canada Customs CBSA Badge Retractable ID Holder Reel

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The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Badge Retractable ID Holder Reel is a great way to represent Canada, spice up your work ensemble, and have a unique way to display your work badge, ID, or security card. It is also great for holding small personal items and gadgets needed throughout your work day.

This is a great gift for a collector or someone in your life who appreciates uniqueness and needs to keep a small item with them at all times. This quality, handmade retractable ID holder is adorned with a silver colored Canada Border Services Agency Inspector Mini Collectible Badge. The reel comes in your choice of Chrome or Gold color.

Features Include:

  • Metal reel resists fading and wear
  • High quality emblem
  • Handmade and unique design
  • Available in Chrome or Gold Tone
  • Approx. 1 1/4" Diameter
  • 26" cord allows for comfortable scanning or swiping of your ID
  • Instant returns to the secure position after release
  • Internal mechanism containing a high quality spring
  • Steel clip on the back secures it to your belt, clothing, or lanyard
  • Fits perfectly on shoulder epaulets!
  • Clear plastic card holder with a snap closure
  • Can be used to hold your ID badge, key card, key chain, key ring, security card, employee or military ID, scissors, computer flash memory, and other small tools and personal items