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DEA Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Retractable ID Holder

DEA Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Retractable ID Holder

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Cleaning up the streets by enforcing our great nation’s controlled substance laws and regulations, President Nixon created the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in 1973 as “an all-out global war on the drug menace” in the United States. Today, you can own a representation of everything it stands for with the DEA Special Agent Retractable ID Holder. For yourself, or as a gift, spice up your ID holder with this special quality piece. This is an ideal find for anyone who is required to have an ID badge, security card, or key card for work. This multi-functional item can also be used as a key chain or to hold small personal items or tools.

Please note, this item is not an official DEA ID, or any government ID and should be used for collective and style purposes only.

The Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Retractable ID Holder not only looks great, but it has the features needed to make it convenient and durable for all day use, including:

  • A high quality, and included, DEA Special Agent mini badge collectible
  • A handmade and unique design!
  • A strong metal reel with a 34” nylon cord for comfortable scanning and swiping of your ID
  • Gold Tone
  • Approx. 1 1/4" Diameter
  • An instant return to the secure position after release
  • Internal mechanism containing a high quality spring
  • Steel clip on the back secures it safely to your belt, clothing, or lanyard
  • Fits perfectly on shoulder epaulets!
  • Clear plastic card holder with a snap closure