PA Physicians Assistant Retractable ID Holder

PA Physicians Assistant Retractable ID Holder

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The Physicians Assistant Retractable ID holder features a high quality RN emblem on a metal badge reel.  This item will hold your hospital ID card and show you are proud to be a PA. Available in Gold or Chrome color.

Features Include:

  • Metal Reel with a Strong Nylon Cord
  • High quality emblem
  • Handmade and unique design
  • Gold or Chrome Reel
  • Approx. 1 1/4" Diameter
  • 34" cord allows for comfortable scanning or swiping of your ID
  • Instant return to the secure position after release
  • Internal mechanism containing a high quality spring
  • Steel clip on the back secures it to your belt, clothing, or lanyard
  • Fits perfectly on shoulder epaulets
  • Clear plastic card holder with a snap closure