About Us

Getting started

For a long time, I have dreamed of having my own little corner on the internet. I have a thousand different ideas and have tried various projects. I never really had the time to develop them before. A series of life events have now allowed me time to devote to such endeavors!!

I started out on eBay in the spring of 2004 under a different ID. The first thing I bought was a CD player for my car to replace the cassette player. After I installed the CD player, I was left with a cassette player that I no longer needed. I figured what the heck and listed it. From the time I received my first bid, I was hooked!! My only problem was figuring out what to sell. I wanted to sell something that no one else was selling. I tried different things but never really found my niche until I discovered laser etching. I though that was the coolest thing since sliced bread!! I started out with some basic images and had some success selling them. Then one day, I was talking to my friend about laser etching when it hit me!! I knew U. S. Customs and U. S. Immigration Inspectors were being issued new badges due to the merging of their agencies under The Department of Homeland Security. I thought why not etch an image of a badge into crystal. I had some samples made up and really thought they looked nice so I listed them on eBay. They started selling and I was in business!! However, the company I was dealing with couldn't provide a quality product on a consistant basis so I discontinued that line.

How did I come up with the name JR Boutique?

Well, when I was a kid, everyone knew me as Junior because I was named after my Father (God rest his soul). I was trying to come up with a user ID and I thought of Juniors Boutique. I abbreviated Junior to JR and registered it with eBay. Registering that domain name was a different story however. It appears as if someone beat me to it, so I bought from the registered owner and set up shop. That site is still a work in progress!! I then decided that I should change to which is more in line with what I am trying to achieve. The quality of my products is far superior to the other ones you see out there. Click here to see a comparison.

How did I get that cool logo?

I wanted a logo of my very own so I bid on and won a listing for logo design services. It was actually designed by the folks at We went through several revisions until it was finalized.

What do I sell?

As stated previously, I started out selling laser etched badges. I have been rapidly expanding my line to many different items but try to stick to the law enforcement theme. I do a lot of my own design work for the various pins, challenge coins, and other products offered on this site.

What is my goal?

My first and primary goal it to make sure every customer gets the utmost attention and treated in the most kind, courteous, and professional way as possible. I go to great lengths to ensure no one has a bad buying experience. I hope that I don't get so big that I lose the personal touch with EVERY customer I have. I realize that without you, I would not have a business!! My second goal would be to lose my day job and do this full time. I know I have a long way to go, but dreams are a good thing to have!!

Why should you bookmark

Because I will be adding new and exciting products that you don't want to miss!