Perfect Fit Badge Cutout Chart

Want to purchase one of our high quality wallets but don't see a cutout for your badge?  No problem.  You can order a wallet with a cutout of your choice.  We have thousands available so there is probably one for your agency.  You can search by badge model, badge shape, manufacturer or badge size.

  1. Go to this link
  2. Enter one of many search options (Badge Model Number, Manufacturer or Height and Shape)
  3. Find a shape that resembles your badge
  4. Print page (ensure page size is set to 100% and NOT scale to fit)
  5. Ensure page printed at 100% by making sure ruler next to badge outline is 4 inches
  6. Compare your badge to the cutout.  It should fit inside the black outline
  7. Make a note with your payment of the cut number you would like.

*** Please note - Custom ordered items ARE NOT returnable.  Manufacture and shipping require 7-10 business days.