Perfect Fit Sam Brown and Ranger Duty Belts

Perfect Fit Sam Brown and Ranger Duty Belts

Posted by JR Boutique on 6th Mar 2016

Perfect Fit Shield Wallets expanded their operations in 2015 and they are now making Sam Brown and Ranger style duty belts.  This is in addition to their regular lineup of Garrison belts.

Perfect Fit uses a drum-dye method to color their belts.  Drum-dyed means that the dye penetrated the leather then entire way through instead of only on the surface.  This helps prevent visible scratches and discolorations with age.

When selecting your Sam Brown Duty Belt, you have the option of selecting a finish of high gloss, basketweave, or plain.  Buckles come in brass, chrome or black.  There is also a four row stitching style available as well in high gloss or plain finish.

All of Perfect Fit's belts are made of high quality, fully lined leather and are proudly made in the USA! 

JR Boutique is an authorized distributor for Perfect Fit Shield Wallets