Affordable Garland Pen Refills

2nd Jun 2014

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. If you are familiar with Garland pens then you know just how true this statement is. We are proud to offer high quality Garland pen refills.

With our Garland pen refills you never have to go without your writing utensil. We offer both black and blue replacement cartridges with medium ball point tips. Our refills are designed for all Garland pens manufactured after January 1, 1982. you can easily check if your pen will accept our refills by examining the cartridge that is currently in your pen. Your cartridge should have the words "#1 Universal" printed on it if it is designed to accept our refills. Since 1927, Garland Writing Instruments has been a leader in the world of high performance writing utensils. They were originally founded by Louis Lanoie, and went under the name "Lew Manufacturing Co.". During this initial era the company designed and manufactured the internal mechanisms that were used by many of the major pen and pencil manufactures of the day. In the 1960's they changed their name and began to offer their own complete pens and pencils. Today they continue to build high quality instruments that are built right here in the USA. Their commitment to using high quality materials is extremely evident from the moment you pick one of their pens up.

If you have a Garland pen that is in need of fresh ink, you are in luck. Order a few refills today to make sure you are never without your favorite pen.