Garland Pen Refills

8th Jan 2014

Once you try a Garland pen, you will not want to go back. Garland has been manufacturing the very best pens right here in the United States since 1927. Their pens are always top quality and incredibly stylish. If you are a fan of Garland pens then you might be interested to know that here at the JR Boutique, we offer high quality Garland pen refills for a great deal.

Garland makes the best pens in the business, and we are fans of their products,  just like you. For professionals in the law enforcement, having a reliable writing utensil is a necessity. Garland pens are not only stylish and comfortable to use, they are also incredibly reliable. Our Garland Universal Twist Refill is the ideal replacement solution for you pen. This comes in blue or black; it will fit any Garland pen made after 1-1-82 perfectly. Be prepared with a pen refill that you can rely on.

For your Garland pen, you need a refill that will keep your pen working well. We offer great deals on the very best refills for your Garland pen. For high quality items that you will want to use again and again, shop our site today.